Tips to becoming a high valued woman

When God created a woman, he made us fulfill needs both to a man and humanity as a whole. Now take a second and imagine life without women? I don’t want to even think it.

This post is just to remind all the women out there reading this post that you are special. I would be sharing some tips with you on how to become a high valued woman. You are already valued, but adding the high is the extra iceing in the cake. Please note that you being a high valued woman is for more than just attracting the right kind of guy, it would serve you and humanity as a whole. When you know your worth, others would too.

So here are tips to becoming a high valued woman:

1. Have your own life: You might be married or in a relationship, but your whole life should not just center around that. A relationship is not your life, be your own person with interest, hobbies, goals, friends, networks, and others even when you are in a relationship.

2. Be respectful to others at all times: You can be in charge and still be humble, it does not take much from you. Part of being a high valued woman is being kind and respectful. No guy would want to let a kind respectful woman go.

3. Don’t always be available: This is mostly for those who are yet to be in a relationship or are in one already. Don’t just cancel your plans because a guy wants a last-minute time with you. You also have your life, if he wants your time he should inform you ahead to plan better. Don’t make yourself available at his beck and call, it would give the impression that you have nothing going for you.

4. Be passionate about everything you do: This has nothing to do with SEX or INTIMACY. It means whatever task you have at hand, commit to it, commit to excellence with a great amount of discipline. This would make others realize you are a high valued woman, show the world you care and let others feel the impact of your presence.

5. Learn to say No sometimes: You can’t agree on everything because you want to please everyone or you want them to like you. Have your own mind, if you have a different opinion, share it and disagree without being rude or disrespectful. People always value women that have their own minds and can stand for what they believed in the long run.

6. Set your Standards Early: Set boundaries you do not want crossed, have your own values and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to let others know them too. Know what your expectations from those around you are and even what you expect from the man you would want to settle for early enough. If you don’t stand for anything, you would definitely fall for everything.

7. Have Confidence: Believe in yourself and in how wonderfully made God has made you. You don’t need validation from anyone or anything, God has made you perfect. You can be confident without being arrogant. Confidence is key, how you see yourself is how others see you too.

8. Don’t settle for less than you deserve: Never underestimate yourself. Be very particular about your influences, if anyone does not respect you or takes you for granted, don’t be afraid to let them go out of your life. Be firm, but also learn to let your hair down and have some fun; it doesn’t hurt.

Lastly, be a woman that celebrates the successes and achievements of other women genuinely without being envious or jealous, remember together we can do more. But most importantly, be a woman that is always full of gratitude for all of life’s blessings, little, big and even expectations unmet. These are some of the tips for being a high valued woman. I hope you have benefitted from this.

Do have a fruitful day.

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