Tonye Cole: Playing the Ostrich with Economic Sabotage and Treachery –Simeon Nwakandu

When Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State declared that the APC in the state had no business presenting a Governorship Candidate in 2019, many persons were alarmed. But it was a considered opinion, premised on the political, social and economic realities of the state under his watch.

Having served the state diligently, placed it on the path  of growth and elevated it to the platform of respect amongst the comity of states, Rivers People irrespective of their ethnic background or inclination resolved to re-elect Governor Wike.  This, they did without compulsion.

According to Wike’s special assistant on electronic media, Simeon Nwakandu,  stating On the other hand, Tonye Cole was annointed by a desperate godfather on the strength of business relationship and ethnic consideration.

While submitting his governorship nomination form to the APC National Secretariat in Abuja, Tonye Cole declared to journalists: “I will unseat Wike”.

This is a fallacy.  It has no premise in the political calculation  of Rivers State and it is a function of false confidence instilled in him by his fallen godfather. It must be stated very clearly. No single fellow or group of fellows can unseat Governor Wike.

Governor Wike was elected by Rivers people from all the blocs of the state.  His election was a unifying factor and a mandate to recover the state from  the evil grip of an evil godfather who ruined the state and was in the process of castrating her fortunes by planting his stooge.

The election of Governor Wike in 2015 had nothing to do with ethnic preference.  It was a collective desire of Rivers people to travel the route of progress and political inclusion.

Since Governor Wike was elected by Rivers people, he will be re-elected by Rivers people.  Therefore, no selfish plot from the likes of Tonye Cole  would change the story of Rivers State.  The people have sided with Governor Wike.

In his engagement with the media after submitting his form, Tonye Cole outlined the areas he would  work on if elected.  His comments confirmed Governor Wike’s position that there is no need for the APC to present  a candidate for the 2019 Governorship Election.  Governor Wike has performed beyond  the imagination of his supporters and critics.

In of Tonye Cole’s  interview, he made no mention of infrastructural development as one of the areas he wants to work on. Therefore, it is safe to assume that even though he is in the opposition, Tonye Cole recognises that Governor Wike has transformed the state in terms of infrastructure.

He is  not the only person who understands this fact. Governor Wike has used infrastructural development to kick-start the economy of the state, which was left moribund by Cole’s godfather and business partner. 

Mr Cole said he would atrract Foreign Direct Investment to Rivers State if elected.  Governor Wike is already heightening Foreign Direct Investments and promoting fresh investments.

It will be recalled that Senate President Bukola Saraki recently  laid the foundation for the construction of the Fertiliser Train 2 of Indorama Eleme Fertiliser and Chemicals Limited. This is a $3 2billion project, one of the biggest under this dispensation.

The Train-Two of the Fertiliser Plant at Indorama will be completed in 2021.   The Train Two  is a replication of the first train, which also has capacity for 1.5millilon metric tonnes. This would bring Indorama fertilizer production to 3million metric tones.

The First Train was completed under the administration of Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.  It was commissioned by then Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

I will yet again remind these APC leaders of the presence of GreenGas LNG Facility, owned by Greenville Oil and Gas Limited is a major foreign direct investment located in Emohua Local Government Area.

The project covers 42 hectares and the pipeline architecture  covers different parts of the country, setting off a chain of investment opportunities. At present, thousands of indigenes and other Nigerians are working at the project site.

Seven hundred and fifty (750) trucks will be loading from the facility, while it will generate 150 megawatts of electricity to serve Rivers State and Nigeria. The gas produced at the facility will help other parts of the country produce 600 megawatts of electricity.

While Tonye Cole and his business partner/godfather demarket Rivers State during media outings, another Nigerian Billionnaire Businessman, Ndibe Obi has built a multi-billion naira Shopping Mall in Port Harcourt.  The biggest in West Africa.

The Next Shopping Mall covers 11000 square metres . It is already operational. Built from the scratch under the Wike administration by the private investor.

This investment has generated 600 direct jobs and countless indirect jobs for the host communities and residents.

If Mr Ndibe Obi, a billionnaire from another state can invest several billions to develop Next Cash and Carry Super Mall, what is the excuse of Tonye Cole who says he is an intend. If he indeed he loves Rivers , he would made investments in the state, employed youths and helped to grow the economy.

But most importantly, Rivers State will not fall into the Lagos trap where a political godfather has kidnapped the destiny of the people, siphoning their resources at will. Here, the voice of the people count. No one  man can make  a king, except in Lagos.

Even in Lagos, all people of goodwill are working to defeat the godfather. Rivers State will not be trapped by the evil machinations of a failed godfather with no credentials for development.

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