Top 5 Challenges Kenyan Students face while Studying in the Netherlands

Top 5 Challenges Kenyan Students face while Studying in the Netherlands.

These challenges often pose a serious threat to their mental, emotional, social and academic well-being. Kenyan students studying in the Netherlands face various challenges which often affect their academic productivity and general well-being. The Dutch higher education system is made up primarily of three different types of institution. These are Research Universities, Universities of Applied Science and Institutes for International Education.

Kenyan students hoping to study in the Netherlands require an entry study visa into the Netherlands for a period of six months. After which you will be required to apply for a resident Visa.

Some challenges Kenyan students face while studying in the Netherlands will be considered below.

Differences in Currencies:
The exchange rate between Kenyan and the Netherlands differs. This is as a result of varying economic situations between these countries. The Kenyan shillings, when exchanged in euros, do not always meet the financial expectation in the Netherlands.

How to overcome it:

You are to ensure you understand the exchange rate before leaving. When you do, it’ll help you make funds for your trip and stay. You can also diversify your sources of income as a student by taking up part-time jobs.

Language Barrier:
A good number of Dutch speak English at the intermediary level. Higher institutions in the Netherlands teach in English. You will have no difficulty learning and contributing during lectures and tutorial classes.

How to overcome language barrier: 

Consider registering for Dutch language classes to help you bridge the conversation gap between you and locals. Frequent interaction with locals is also a way to aid your learning. Your interest in learning the Dutch language must be built from within you.

Social Complex:
Adapt to a new environment tends to be a difficult challenge. A student who sees self as being inferior will not have the required self-esteem to fight through challenges within the social strata.

How to overcome social complex:

Endeavor to interact with people; locals and internationals alike as much as possible. Volunteer to be a part of cultural festivals, celebrations, and regular hangouts. By so doing, you will have a sense of belonging and will expose you to the culture and its people.

Strained Support Network:
The feeling of being alone in a new environment as the Netherlands could seem and feel discomforting. Overcoming it won’t be a hard nut to crack.

How to overcome strained support Network:

Get involved with organizations that meet your interest. Constant interaction with them with grow your network and net worth. Establishing a relationship with your lecturers will go a long way to build support and advise on academic matters. You can also leverage on the avenues social media platforms create to establish, grow and sustain your network.

Cultural Differences:
This is one of the top challenges Kenyan students face while studying in the Netherlands because cultures differ. misunderstanding the culture of a host community could affect your stay and academic output while you stay there. You should embrace the new culture you find yourself in. playing an active part in these festivals will endear you to them.

How to overcome cultural differences:

Acquire enough knowledge about Dutch culture and their rules of engagement. This could give you an advantage in applying your knowledge of the culture in your conversations. With this, you will assimilate into the community with ease. Be observant and ask questions.

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