Universität Hamburg: Merit Scholarships for International Students

Universität Hamburg: Merit Scholarships for International Students.

The University of Hamburg is offering a merit scholarship program to support outstanding international students and doctoral researchers of all subjects and degree levels who have been actively involved in an international context. This University of Hamburg gladly announce its merit Scholarships for International Students in Germany 2019.

Briefly Description:
The University of Hamburg was founded in 1919 by local citizens. Important founding figures include Senator Werner von Melle and the merchant Edmund Siemers. Nobel Prize winners such as the physicists Otto Stern, Wolfgang Pauli, and Isidor Rabi taught and researched at the University. Today University Hamburg is the largest institution for research and education in northern Germany. It offers a diverse range of degree programs and excellent research opportunities.

It’s Level / Field of Study:
The merit scholarship university Hamburg is open to international students who are twenty-nine years of age or younger and are pursuing a magistrate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. However, international students of thirty-three years or younger should be pursuing a doctoral degree.

Note the Host Nationality:
The merit scholarship at the University of Hamburg is to be taken in Germany.

Eligible Nationality:
The Hamburg Scholarship for International students is available to students from every part of the world.

The Value Of Award:
The maximum monthly funding for the merit scholarship at the University of Hamburg is €650.
Individual doctoral researchers are awarded a merit scholarship totaling €1,000 per month depending on the availability of funding.
This is usually done through a DAAD STIBET doctoral scholarship.

It’s Eligibility:
1. The following are the eligibility criteria for international students applying for the merit scholarship at the university.

2. Students must be pursuing an academic degree at University Hamburg and have been enrolled in a degree program for at least 2 semesters.
3. They must not hold German citizenship.
4. Students should not be eligible for the federal student loan scheme (BAföG);
5. They must demonstrate good to excellent academic performance;
6.  They must reside in Hamburg during the entire funding period; and
Students must demonstrate financial need.

English Language Requirements:
International students will need to meet the university’s English language requirements for postgraduate courses if English is not their first language.

How To Apply:
Students applying for the Hamburg merit scholarship are to follow the link for their chosen application period and log in using your STiNE ID.

Application Deadline:
The deadline for applying for the Hamburg scholarship for international students is 15th October 2019.

For more information, follow this Scholarship link.

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