Us doctor who offered experimental drug to incurably ill baby Charlie Gard admits MRI muscle scan showed ‘no hope’ for the child

drugs had a chance of helping the sick child But Great Ormond Street lawyers were concerned by doctor’s financial interestHe said: ‘I have relinquished and have no financial interest in the treatment’Hospital was disappointed he had given hope without examining Charlie himself Charlie’s parents are back in court today in new battle to let him die at home 

Michio Hirano (pictured) said his experimental drugs might help Charlie Gard, and he offered to treat him in the US
The American neurologist criticised by Great Ormond Street has today admitted a body scan done when he flew to London extinguished all hope for Charlie Gard.
Michio Hirano also denied claims he has cash invested in the drug he offered to Charlie.
The professor said his experimental nucleoside treatment had a chance of helping the sick child and he offered to treat him in the US.
But he was accused of giving Charlie’s family false hope and lawyers for Great Ormond Street said they were concerned to learn the doctor had a financial interest in some of the drugs he proposed to use. 
The children’s hospital also said it was disappointed he had been so optimistic when he had not examined Charlie himself, or read his latest medical records or seen his brain scans.
Hitting back today Dr Hirano, who works at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, claims that he now has no investment in the drug Charlie’s parents wanted him to have.
Speaking for the first time he said: ‘As I disclosed in court on July 13, I have relinquished and have no financial interest in the treatment being developed for Charlie’s condition’. 
The court case over Charlie’s treatment was reopened after Dr Hirano and six other experts said they had new evidence that could affect the judge’s earlier decision that the boy would not benefit from further treatment and should be allowed to die.

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