What Exactly Is Wrong With South South APC Politicians?


Rotimi Amaechi has submitted himself to his masters as he lead all forms of security forces to his state, Rivers, attacking, arresting, wounding, killing his people and destroying their houses and properties in a ‘futile bid’ to capture and control Rivers state politically.

Godswill Akpabio is spearheading the unwarranted onslaughts of his political masters to horrify and terrify his people, waste their lives and embark on mindless destruction, all in a bid to conquer Akwa Ibom state politically for the APC.

Adams Oshiomhole is the emperor in Edo state, clamping down, intimidating and trampling on his people in order to score cheap political point as the National Chairman of APC, all at the expense of his people’s lives and peace.

He is even organizing and coordinating the exportation of thugs to other states to ensure that the Oil-rich region must be delivered to the APC under whatever circumstance.

Timpre Sylva is the one piloting the guerilla warfares in his native Bayelsa state, with impunity and recklessness against the wills and choices of the Bayelsans.

Check all the northern states, from the troubled Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, then to Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto and Niger, there is no such report about their political leaders turning their states to political war zones, even when the oppositions are much more stronger and manifestly present over there.

I ask again: what exactly is wrong with some southern political leaders?

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