Why Atiku must challenge this kangaroo election in court? – Odilim Enwegbara

Why Atiku must challenge this kangaroo election in court ?

By Odilim Enwegbara

Nigerians are so funny human species for they are shamelessly hypocritically. It is a nation of subhumans where anything goes.

It is because of our sub-humaneness that the same APC government that has been threatening and warning foreign election observers and their governments,

particularly western nations to stay away from Nigeria’s internal affairs or else their citizens coming to observe our elections should be returning home in body bags.

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Is it not a pity that the same party in power is now sponsoring the so-called news of that the UK Government has said that the election went well in Nigeria? Wonders shall never end.

Ok, since they were warned to stay away from Nigeria’s internal affairs, from where did the same UK government that is giving our kangaroo election credibility get its information that the election was free and fair?

Sitting in London and coming up with such a decision?

In other words from where did they monitor the election to confirm that the election went well? Give me a break!

We all know that rather than caring for a free and fair elections in Nigeria,

the UK is waiting for the  Buhari and the millions of pounds we are so ending on his medical tourism to quickly come back to London with Nigerian taxpayers’ million pounds  for his medical tourism.

Let us not forget to ask the quick to give credibility to a flawed election,

why can’t the same UK government send some election experts to the remote areas of Nigeria of Nigeria to fully investigate if at all election took place in these places?

If the UK government believes the election was ok, fine, what is its prime minister waiting for? Let Ms May call Buhari to congratulate him.

Our going to court is not about Atiku. It is about saving Nigeria’s electoral democracy.

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If we fail to do so, definitely it won’t take long before future elections will begin to worsen to the extent that governments in power will just announce itself the winner of elections without bothering itself to conduct any elections.

Atiku should be encouraged by those of who don’t want us get to this point.

We must support him to save Nigeria from getting to this point because at that point, the security agencies will become the ones conducting elections in place of INEC.

The auestion these shameless APC leaders should answer is: if truly they believe that election was free, fair, and credible,

why are they jittery, trying to smuggle in sponsored foreign and local opinions?

Another is why did APC do everything to bribe foreign election observers with millions of dollars? In fact, why is the party not encouraging PDP to  meet it in court?

There is no way we can stop this kind of moneybag politics if we continue to accept anything in the false name of political exigencies.

How can an election that witnessed such lawlessness and killings before our eyes be accepted to be free, fair and credible?

Are we not shooting ourselves in the foot in a way that will soon witness Nigeria as we know it to disappear, especially aggrieved regions begin to call for self-determination?