Wife Of Donald Trump Jr Files For Divorce After 5 Children

Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa Trump, may be getting divorced.
A public court record filed Thursday in New York says Vanessa Trump is seeking an uncontested divorce from the president’s son. Details of the divorce complaint haven’t been made public.
The couple married in 2005 and have five children.
The Trump Organization hasn’t responded to an emailed request for comment.
Last month, Vanessa Trump opened a letter to her husband containing an unidentified white powder and was briefly hospitalized as a precaution, but the substance turned out to be nonhazardous. A Massachusetts man later was charged with sending the threatening letter.

According to TMZ report read ;

Vanessa Trump filed docs Thursday in the Manhattan courts, and she’s seeking an uncontested proceeding. That’s a strong sign the couple has already hammered out details of their split, such as child custody and property.
Sources connected to the family tell TMZ the divorce is has been a long time coming, and the relationship has been “bad for a while.” Among the issues, Vanessa “hates politics and Don Jr. is gone all the time.”
One source says contrary to being upset, Don Jr. is “relieved.”
According to the NY Post, Vanessa’s been upset about some of his controversial tweets, most of which defend President Trump and his policies.
It was also reported that Vanessa got a major scare just last month, when she received an envelope with white powder, and a hate letter for Don Jr. that read, in part, “You the family idiot. This is the reason why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve.” The powder turned out to be corn starch, and the sender was eventually arrested.
Sources say that incident absolutely “freaked her out.”
The couple who got married in 2005, share five children Kai, Donald III, Spencer, Tristan and Chloe Trump together.

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