Wifey! Deliver your marriage from Side Chicks

Have you ever wondered why a Man in his right senses will run away from his beautiful dutiful and virtuous Wife, to pitch his tent with a stranger who does not measure up to his wife in any way….???

Let’s roll together on it


  1. The Wife treats the Man as the HUSBAND While the Mistress treats the Man as a KING.

  2. The Wife tries to RETRAIN (Change) the Man While the Mistress tries to RETAIN (Keep) the Man.

  3. The Wife cooks to fill the Man’s stomach…..
    While the Mistress cooks to win the heart of the Man and fill his mind.

  4. The Wife dresses for occasions, for herself or to impress other Women While the Mistress dresses solely for the Man to attract him.

  5. The Wife talks and acts like a Wife While the Mistress talks and acts like a Lover girl.

  6. The Wife gives all the attention to the baby and her job While the Mistress treats the Man like a baby and her job.

  7. The Wife is careless about her figure, can become formless, fat with waistline of 62inches While the Mistress continues to brand and rebrand herself. She maintains her figure, looks fit and is always looking like a beauty queen.

  8. The Wife’s house can look dirty, unkempt with stinking toilet While the Mistress house is always sparkling clean and inviting for the Man.

  9. The Wife can dress like a soldier (fully kitted) to bed, wearing pants, tights, trousers, just to make accessibility difficult for the ManWhile the Mistress only dresses to advertise herself in bed with good transparent sexy night wears.

  10. The Wife plays too hard to get in bed, she is always dry and uninteresting, like a log in bed While the Mistress often invites and seduces the Man to make love to her.She is creative, terrific and makes the Man go crazy for her and keep demanding for more.

  11. The Wife always ask the Man if Sex is food and always has all manner of lies (excuses) like headache, menstrual clamp or tiredness to deny the Man sex While the Mistress sees Sex as more than food. She is ready to give it to the Man any day, anytime, anywhere and anyhow; no excuses.

  12. The Wife becomes impolite after the wedding and discards courtesy While the Mistress is always courteous and handles the Man delicately.

  13. The Wife has long forgotten the spelling of romance While the Mistress is ever romantic and passionate.

  14. The Wife relies on the RING in her finger to keep her Marriage While the Mistress does everything possible to get his RING on her own finger.


  1. Become the Woman inside out….(Proverbs 14:1)

  2. Don’t just be a Proverbs 31 Woman (Wife)..
    Also learn the Wisdom of Proverbs 6 Woman (Mistress)…
    Then make your lap as comfortable to Samson (Your Husband) as Delilah’s lap….

  3. On no account will you allow your husband experience something better outside….

  4. There is nothing that the strange woman has that you don’t have..
    So, be both your husbands wife and his Mistress as well…

  5. Make your husband to fall continuously in Love with you…

  6. Never permit your Husband to sleep around…

  7. He is only permitted to sleep around you and with you…

So be your husband Prostitute.

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