You can’t threaten me with suspension, Senator Elisha Abbo tells Remi Tinubu


Elisha Abbo Tuesday appeared before a Senate committee set up to investigate his actions in viral footage where he assaulted a woman in a sex toy shop in Abuja.

Oluremi Tinubu, a member of the committee, asked Abbo to swear an oath before saying anything. But he bluntly refused; saying the case was in court.

“This matter is in court. I cannot be talking in front of cameras when the matter is already in court. That’s subjudice,” Abbo said.

“Distinguished, You just joined us. We have a procedure and we are also under the law. You don’t come in here and dictate to us what should be done,” Mrs. Tinubu told the opposition senator.

“You are on the other side now. You don’t tell us what to do…because we can suspend you,” she added.

At this point, Abbo flared up and said he won’t allow the committee to threaten him with suspension, having earlier informed it that the matter is before a court.

“Dear colleagues, I won’t sit here and allow this committee to threaten me with suspension.

“Is it out of place for me to say I’m not addressing you since this matter is before a court of law of competent jurisdiction?

“I came here to honor you as colleagues after receiving an SMS inviting me here.

“Just the same way I have received SMS from the police. I was arrested, detained and charged to court over this matter. Yet, I’m here out of respect for you as colleagues.

“I want you to remember that this matter is before a court of competent jurisdiction and I don’t want to be held in contempt of the Court,” he said.

After some arguments which turned the venue rowdy, the chairman of the panel, Egwu urged all parties to remain calm.

Another member of the panel, Sen. Mathew Urhoghide (APC-Edo) urged his colleagues to hear Abbo off camera.

Egwu agreed to Urhoghide’s suggestion as he asked members of the press out of the venue.

Egwu said, “We are not here to go into the area of the matter that is already in court.

“We are here to look at issues that affect us as a parliament in the eyes of the public.”

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